DESCRIPTION: DHcL (Domain Hierarchy and closed Loops)is a server for the analysis of basic structural units of a protein. The server calculates domain structures at different levels of energy hierarchy (PDF) and elements of the loop-n-lock structure, closed loops and van derWaals locks (PDF). To learn more about role of the loop-n-lock structure in a domain hierarchy, please refer to the following papers:
  • Koczyk, G. & Berezovsky, I.N. (2008) Domain Hierarchy and closed Loops (DHcL): a server for exploring hierarchy of protein domain structure. Nucl. Acids. Res. 36, W239-W245 [HTML][PDF]
  • Berezovsky, I.N (2003)Discrete structure of van der Waals domains in globular proteins. Prot. Eng. 16:161-167 [HTML][PDF]

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